Pagliuca & amp; partner srl stp operates in the field of business, tax, and tax consultancy
legal audit and labor consultancy and in any other related activity or matter
to the skills of chartered accountants, auditors and consultants
of the work that make up the team.
The society of professionals also makes use of consolidated national partnerships and
international companies that guarantee specialist assistance in the various sectors of
intervention. In a young and dynamic context, the problems of the budget, of the
accounting and business management, are followed with a view to tutoring,
that is, through the constant support of experts who, by integrating the specifications
professionalism, provide the customer with a quick and comprehensive response, inspired by the healthy
customer satisfaction principles.
This operating mode expresses a ratio of action that adheres perfectly
to customer needs and represents that added value to the integrated offer on
which is founded the society among professionals.
Pagliuca & amp; partner srl stp offers services of:

  • Reclassification of the financial statements according to the financial and managerial criteria, definition of the economic and financial ratios and benchmarking analysis;
  • Financial restructuring, medium and long term plan formulation, planned management of cash flow and cash budget formulation;
  • Preliminary investigation of loans and bank financing with definition of the credit rating linked to the investment;
  • Business check-up, management checks able to fight against the high weight of certain operating costs and reduce the current expense;
  • Business-plan formulation and development, feasibility and engineering studies;
  • Resolution of problems related to import-export and international accounting;
  • Local marketing studies.

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